Art 2 Final Portfolio

The project that I found to be my most successful work was the acrylic painting I did. This painting really described the style I used, and I enjoyed actually being able to use acrylic paint.The theme of this painting was that the world is coming to an end with a bunch of gooey giants. I guess. With this painting I decided to use warm colors and make the sky red to emphasize the thought of the world ending. I should have used a bigger canvas, I had a hard time trying to add detail to the smaller figures, and ended up making them look out of place. I was gone for a few days so I ran out of time and the last few details ended up rushed.

This project was my least favorite. I have no interest in using bright colors, so I had a hard time finishing this. I never felt like the idea was me, but I chose to draw a cat to at least learn how to use textures such as short hair and long hair. Next time I use colored pencil, I'll draw something that's more me so I'll put all my effort into it.

These two projects show the growth from first semester to second. I learned how to make a human face more realistic, and how to use the pen more. I've always enjoyed drawing human anatomy, and being able to get better at drawing faces is nice. In the first drawing, I didn't take my time or even think about how the position should work. The proportions are off, and the shading isn't that good.
In the second drawing, I had a better time drawing a face that I liked. I added some value, but I didn't add too much because I wanted to keep the interest in the hair. For this I used ink and watercolor, which are my two strongest medias. Both projects are horribly rushed, but at least the second one is proportional.

I found these two mini-lessons to be the most beneficial to my work. With the lollipop, I learned how to add details and use different colors for shading. This was my favorite mini-lesson because I actually improved with my colored pencil skill and I learned how to not over-blend all the time.
What I learned from the can mini-lesson is that I hate oil pastels. And cans. The only thing good about this can is the "P" in pepper. I did not learn any new techniques or grown from it, but I learned to stay away from oil pastels forever.

My favorite medium to work with was the pen. Back in January before I started Art II, my boyfriend gave me a journal and I have drawn in that journal only in pen. I like pen because when you make a mistake, you create something from that mistake. Drawing with pen is a challenge, but I think its easier than pencil in some ways. With my last project I learned that pen and watercolor go great together, so I'll be sure to use that in the future.

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