Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1/3 Mechanical

I'm really disappointed in my lack of completing this drawing. I had decided to move on from this piece so I wouldn't get stuck behind, and I lost all motivation to finish it. My main problem with this drawing is the background. I don't like to show stories in my pieces, and I don't like to do landscapes. I found this piece to be really challenging because I was too far out of my comfort zone to be able to finish it. The paper I used was too big to complete this, and the composition for this picture isn't really good. I would re-do this project again though, if I had the time to plan a new composition that didn't involve a background like this. My plan was to make this piece look like an apocalyptic scene, but I'm not really good at that. I do like how I drew the torso of the woman though and the details in the mechanical legs. I think this piece would be really cool to draw again, but maybe with more planning less rushing, I would accept a low grade or even a zero for this project, because there's no excuse for me to not complete it. 

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