Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mixed Medias

Like always, this project was rushed, but I liked how it turned out. At first I was not excited at all to do this, I had no inspiration and nothing seemed to be working. After taking a day off (goofing around and not doing my work) I decided to use my strongest mediums and to go on from there. I really like the idea of fantasies and fairies, so I started off by drawing something I've drawn since I was 10. I added some buttons and flowers, put some cut outs in the hair and now I have this mess of random objects and horrible value. What took me the longest on this piece was the hair. I had to constantly draw lines and add value to show where the items were coming out of, and it made me confused a lot. I didn't like this project until the very end, when I said "screw it" and just slapped on a bunch of paint in a rainbow pattern 5 minutes before class ended. It was extremely rushed but it ended up being one of my favorite pieces. I think if I took my time on this it would have been my best piece so far.

Sticky Situation

This is my "Sticky Situation" painting. Like most of my artwork, it is rushed and somewhat incomplete. This painting was a learning process, but I learned that acrylic isn't that scary, and I'll definitely use it in the future. I really liked the concept of the drawing, its more me and it's something I've been wanting to do for a while. Due to so many little mistakes, I think I'll try to do this painting again later on when I'm more skilled in acrylic paints. My favorite part about this painting is my monster, I constantly draw weird creatures like this one and I'm happy I had the chance to put it into a project of mine. 
I don't like how I rushed this painting. Like most of my work, I get distracted and before I know it I have one day left to finish a painting. I like the feeling of being rushed but I hate how it ends up.
I learned a lot of new techniques while painting. I learned how to use value with paint and how to add textures. This project was really just a learning process and I can't wait to do more in the future.