Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Up Close and Personal

For this project I had to draw something "up close and person" with pencil, chalk, or oil pastels. My two choices were a worm on an apple, and a close up of a cats face. At first, I wanted to make the worm and the apple my final, but something inside me lead me to the cat's face.
For this drawing I decided on color pencil, trying to get the detail of the hairs with chalk or oil pastel seemed horrifying to me.

 I didn't want to use the regular colors of the cat, that would be too boring. I chose to use cooler colors and pinks, I thought that would allow me to use more detail with more color options.

Making everything symmetrical was difficult for me, I cheated and used tracing paper. I enjoyed using pencil for this, I'm happy I could make the eyes look so smooth and have plenty of contrast. I started working on the fur that is around the facial features first, to help me know which way the hair should go.

I had a difficult time with connecting the fur on the edges to the fur around the nose and eyes. The stripes looked a bit awkward at first too. 

When I was finally finished with the face I started to work on the body. At the end of my work, my cat started to have more human features, which made me have a hard time liking it. I wish I would've taken more time on this and used prisma colors instead (I forgot they existed for the first 2 days of sketching). 

Overall I'm not too happy with my work, I've done better, but now I know how to improve.