Thursday, October 30, 2014

Artist Statement

I first started drawing when I was younger. My mom had always done arts and crafts at home and I would always want to join in to help. I never drew for myself when I was younger, I always drew for other people and would watch how they reacted. I feel like my art style today is based on that. I enjoy drawing creepy and outrageous things to see how my viewers react. To me, art is to make people think, make them wonder how and why the artist creates such things. I do art to make people think, I want to one day be that artist that can surprise people and cause them to have conflict on what is going on, but for now I will just be drawing disturbing and chilling art.

Interior Space

Here is the final product of my interior space piece. I used watercolors and pen. I really enjoyed painting and sketching this because it was a piece I've been wanting to do for a while. I like to draw creatures like this because I feel like it really defines what my art is about. During the process of making this, I had trouble drawing contour lines with pen. My favorite part of this piece is the whole mouth. With this part, I got to use a lot of different colors and really show my techniques. Watercolor is one of my favorite mediums because it makes really interesting patterns and colors depending upon how you use it.


I'm not a fan of oil paints. I had a really hard time with the difference in the colors. I chose to paint pizza, because I thought painting food would be fun. I was wrong. This project was frustrating an rather upsetting due to the fact I couldn't get the cheese color right, and my dad thought the sauce was pepperoni. I feel like if I were more wise with my technique and a bit more patient, this piece would actually look like pizza. I don't like oil paints, I don't have enough patience with oil paints. 


This is the original idea of my prismacolor reflection piece. I decided to take a photo like this because it shows my spine and ribcage. I find this photo really interesting and challenging to draw with colored pencils.
Here is the "finished" product of my prismacolor piece. I had many difficulties doing this, and while drawing I realized that prismacolor is not my cup of tea. At first I really enjoyed this project and had at lot of excitement doing it, but as I got farther within the drawing I had trouble with the paper ripping, causing me to rush. I wish I could have finished this drawing, but the more difficulties I had the less motivation I had to do it. I'll eventually finish this piece, but for now it will remain how it is. I enjoyed the colors I got to use with the prismacolors, in the skin I would use different shades of tans and greens and pinks to make myself look more sickly. My hair was my favorite part to draw, and since it was black, I could use whatever color I wanted to.