Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sweets and Diet Dr. Pepper

Lollipop ft. my feet. I enjoyed this sketch the most, my biggest difficulty was the wrapper. I had a hard time trying to show the creases. 

I don't like oil pastels. This is probably my worst work. I had a hard time with the shape of the can, and blending the colors together.

The candy was different, but fun. I prefer this over the can. I kept over-blending, and my edges weren't as bold as they should have been.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


When I first heard about this project I was pretty excited. Out of all of my ideas I chose "handmade human" and "The crazy scientist". For this project I wanted to challenge myself, I always draw the most common poses, so I decided to choose something that was a bit more difficult to draw.


For the handmade human idea, I wanted to create something disturbing yet beautiful. My main inspiration was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I really liked the idea of having stitches on a human girl, and making it to look like shes been operated on plenty of times. I chose a few different positions, but I had a hard time choosing one.
I always thought of a crazy scientist as exaggerated and dirty, making bizarre creations and horrifying experiments. I wasn't really into the whole idea of drawing an old mad man, so I didn't care much for the "crazy scientist". 

I chose the handmade human. I've always been interesting to the more disturbing side of things. I chose to do this drawing in pen because I needed to get more practice with ink. The hair was spot on, but the shading in other places didn't blend well. I started to get messy and would constantly drawing lines in the wrong direction. The lessons we learned on contour lines really taught me how to control my lines and make a smooth blend. The proportions weren't quite right so I had a hard time with the hands and spine. 

For the final I was more patient. I took my time and created smoother lines. I changed the size of the head so it was more proportional, and the shape of the face. The lines are still a bit rough, but it looks a lot smoother and there's so much more value now. The only problem I had with this drawing is the back, it's not proportional and after attempting this pose, no arm could be that straight while slouching. I really like how this turned out though, I like the grotesque parts, such as the open spine and nudity. I didn't want this photo to end up cute and pretty, I wanted it to be dark and sickly, and I think I achieved that goal. The pen was difficult, but I would do this rather than pencil or charcoal, I find those to be too easy. I chose this "stringy" border because I think it matches the theme of my drawing. Overall this drawing is not my best work, but I'm very proud of myself for being able to make something so different from the others.