Tuesday, January 13, 2015

scribble fist

This drawing was more of an experiment for me, but I really like how it turned out. I wanted to see what pen and ink would look like on a canvas. It turned out to be really interesting, and the ink bled into the watercolor which helped me add more contrast to the fist. I'll probably never do something like this again because I ruined my pen, but that's okay, kind of. I really enjoy mixing blues and purples with water color, I feel it really sets a tone and the colors just work so well together. I feel like this drawing wasn't very out of the box, but I'm still happy with how it turned out. I tried a new scribble technique for shading and I really like how that looks, I don't really like how the background turned out, but I had made such a mess painting I had to find some way to fix it. I don't this this project is amazing, but I tried new things and some worked, some didn't, but I'm happy

Under appreciated -Choice

I had to sensor the nipples to this piece because there are still sexist people in this world that are too ignorant to realize that body parts should not be hidden just because they're a woman. This piece is by far my favorite and I'm really happy with how it turned out. At first I wanted to just draw a big gross butt, because I thought that would be fun. Laying out my composition I thought of doing a tri-piece with three different butts, but then I realized it would be better to do three different body parts. Yes this is a feminist art piece, and I have no problem saying that. I really enjoyed drawing a dark-skinned stomach. It was hard at first trying to find the right shade of brown, but after combining different colors I think this looks the best. I didn't have much trouble with this piece, other than the planning. Drawing this piece has helped me learn what I really wanna do with my art. I don't wanna make people uncomfortable and find my work disturbing, I wanna show people the under appreciated beauty in the human body.

1/3 Mechanical

I'm really disappointed in my lack of completing this drawing. I had decided to move on from this piece so I wouldn't get stuck behind, and I lost all motivation to finish it. My main problem with this drawing is the background. I don't like to show stories in my pieces, and I don't like to do landscapes. I found this piece to be really challenging because I was too far out of my comfort zone to be able to finish it. The paper I used was too big to complete this, and the composition for this picture isn't really good. I would re-do this project again though, if I had the time to plan a new composition that didn't involve a background like this. My plan was to make this piece look like an apocalyptic scene, but I'm not really good at that. I do like how I drew the torso of the woman though and the details in the mechanical legs. I think this piece would be really cool to draw again, but maybe with more planning less rushing, I would accept a low grade or even a zero for this project, because there's no excuse for me to not complete it. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


For the pet portrait I drew my dog as a puppy. I'm really happy with how this drawing turned out. I don't really think of realistic drawings as my concentration, but I find it really relaxing to just draw from a picture. I feel like I did my best with this drawing. I kept the background white to show the contrast against my dog. I added brown accents because this project was also a gift for my mother, and I know she likes collage-type drawings. I feel like I should have been more patient with drawing the stuffed animal, but I didnt really know how to draw something white and keep it from turning grey. I mainly used a tortillian for the unicorn because I feel like the soft textures would match the fabric. This drawing was somewhat difficult because the picture I had taken was very dark, I had no way of telling where the light hit on the bottom part of the dogs mouth. I think it looks find though, some parts could be better, but overall I think I did a good job with this drawing. I probably wont do realistic pet portraits again, but I feel like this helped me find new techniques for drawing in pencil.

Under the bridge

I was really uncomfortable with the thought of making a landscape piece. I never really enjoyed drawing things other than creatures and humans. I had struggled to find a "place that I've been" until I went through some old photos and found a picture of under a bride I took in Maryland. I decided to do that landscape because I feel like I could pull in some elements I'm more comfortable with, and make the landscape a part of my concentration. For this piece I used pen and watercolor, the two mediums I feel I am best at. I used many different patterns and techniques with the pen, because I wanted to challenge my skill. I chose a blueish palette for this painting because I feel like watercolors look best with softer tones. My favorite part about this is the forest beyond the bridge. I like how even though its such a small area to draw in, you can still feel like theres a deep forest past the bridge. I'm really happy with how this piece turned out. I don't think it's amazing, or the best thing I've ever done, but I'm satisfied with how it turned out considering I didn't know how to do landscapes.


For the bow project I decided to just draw the big purple bow with a teal background. I didn't think i would enjoy drawing with prisma colors again but I really enjoyed making the highlights and low lights. I chose to do such a small part of a big picture because I didn't feel like this had anything to do with my concentration and I was just trying to get a project done. I actually feel like I learned a lot of new techniques for prismacolors and I'm starting to enjoy using them more. This bow took me about an hour and a half, I don't know if that's too long or too short considering the size is really small. I used old white sketch paper which I feel made the bow look really messy around the edges. I'm pretty happy with how my bow looks considering I didn't even want to do it in the first place. I'm happy I did though because I feel like I gained a lot of skill with colored pencil now.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Self portrait???

I chose this picture to use for my self portrait because I felt like it shows a lot of complicated details of the face, and the idea was very creative and my kind of style. 

I first practiced this on a regular piece of paper, planning my paint colors and getting used to how I'm going to approach this painting. I made the eye on the left open so I could use that detail and make it have more emotion.

[Picture will be inserted, once I get it]

At first I was really excited to do this painting, but I slowly started to hate it more and more. I started off painting my skin, a nice light color and, like my last painting, I had made it too dark. I keep painting over the skin trying to lighten it up, but then I would make it darker again to try to show contrast. My main problem with this painting was over-blending. Once I stopped with the skin, after two weeks, I started doing the hair. I gave myself purple hair because I thought it would be a good color contrast to the blue wall and my warm skin. I had never painted hair before with acrylic, so I gave myself a bowl cut by accident, and I had a hard time trying to lighten it up because once again, I over-blended. I took this project home over the weekend to finish it, and that's when everything went downhill. I couldn't get the eye color right and when I added eyelashes I knew this painting would be the worst thing I had ever done. I had made myself look like a drag queen and I didn't know how to fix it. I finished this painting off extremely rushed out of frustration and because of this painting I have realized that I am a drawer, not a painter. I feel like this painting has helped me learn what I should stay away from, even though it kind of hurt to know I made something so ugly.