Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Under appreciated -Choice

I had to sensor the nipples to this piece because there are still sexist people in this world that are too ignorant to realize that body parts should not be hidden just because they're a woman. This piece is by far my favorite and I'm really happy with how it turned out. At first I wanted to just draw a big gross butt, because I thought that would be fun. Laying out my composition I thought of doing a tri-piece with three different butts, but then I realized it would be better to do three different body parts. Yes this is a feminist art piece, and I have no problem saying that. I really enjoyed drawing a dark-skinned stomach. It was hard at first trying to find the right shade of brown, but after combining different colors I think this looks the best. I didn't have much trouble with this piece, other than the planning. Drawing this piece has helped me learn what I really wanna do with my art. I don't wanna make people uncomfortable and find my work disturbing, I wanna show people the under appreciated beauty in the human body.

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