Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Self portrait???

I chose this picture to use for my self portrait because I felt like it shows a lot of complicated details of the face, and the idea was very creative and my kind of style. 

I first practiced this on a regular piece of paper, planning my paint colors and getting used to how I'm going to approach this painting. I made the eye on the left open so I could use that detail and make it have more emotion.

[Picture will be inserted, once I get it]

At first I was really excited to do this painting, but I slowly started to hate it more and more. I started off painting my skin, a nice light color and, like my last painting, I had made it too dark. I keep painting over the skin trying to lighten it up, but then I would make it darker again to try to show contrast. My main problem with this painting was over-blending. Once I stopped with the skin, after two weeks, I started doing the hair. I gave myself purple hair because I thought it would be a good color contrast to the blue wall and my warm skin. I had never painted hair before with acrylic, so I gave myself a bowl cut by accident, and I had a hard time trying to lighten it up because once again, I over-blended. I took this project home over the weekend to finish it, and that's when everything went downhill. I couldn't get the eye color right and when I added eyelashes I knew this painting would be the worst thing I had ever done. I had made myself look like a drag queen and I didn't know how to fix it. I finished this painting off extremely rushed out of frustration and because of this painting I have realized that I am a drawer, not a painter. I feel like this painting has helped me learn what I should stay away from, even though it kind of hurt to know I made something so ugly.

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