Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Finger Painting

 I first made this painting by accident in my sketchbook, and ended up really liking how it turned out.At first I had poorly drawn a hand over the summer and gave up on it, then I got bored and played with some paint and fixed up the hand and ended up making this piece. I really liked the colors and how it ended up, so I decided to put it on canvas.

This is the final version on canvas, I like the original sketch better. I used acrylic paint and I still did not have a lot of practice with it. I feel like if I used a different technique and lighter colors then the background would look much better. I had a big problem with the hand. I would constantly make it darker and darker to add more contrast, but then the hand just turned completely grey and it started to be less of a focal point. I feel like if I stuck more to the original sketch and didn't change so many things about it, I would have liked this piece a bit more.I don't really have a favorite part of this piece, but I feel like this was good practice for me.

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